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We are an independent, international indie team dedicated to the art of video game storytelling in the form of Visual Novels.

We create and publish breathtaking Visual Novels that take this genre to a whole new level of excellence.

With text, sound, and visuals, we combine the best of each medium to create a memorable experience for you to enjoy.

Latest Releases

You can explore all of our past, latest and upcoming releases here.

Nijowari: Where Angels Fall

Nijowari: Where Angels Fall revolves around an enticing yet dangerous world presented by two different protagonists, each one with its quirks and complex personality.

The Last Birdling

The Last Birdling explores Bimonia and Tayo’s struggle to remain friends against all odds.


BAPTISM is a story about a religious family living in the western United States, and the strange events that caused their lives to change forever.

Our Services

Tsukiakari Studios focuses our expertise on creating and publishing high-quality Visual Novels. Our intent is to provide satisfaction to gamers looking for a deeper narrative experience.


From taking care of all the business paperwork to bringing your products to respected storefronts.


From helping create an idea from scratch to porting your existing project to another platform.


From advertising campaigns to helping promote your game to the media and content creators.

Visual Novels are an art form. We are excited to bring you the best of the best and nothing less.

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