Nijowari’s captivating story consists of 110k words (12-16h of gameplay) conveyed through 3 different main characters.


Including 22 unique CGs with more than 670 variations, Nijowari’s art stands out due to its realistic style and animated scenes.


Nijowari’s extensive OST is composed of 80+ high quality original tracks that are reinforced by more than 150 sound effects.

Nijowari: Where Angels Fall

Nijowari: Where Angels Fall is a rich visual novel with two main characters, each one with its own story and its own life.

Follow our hero’s steps in this daring mix of plot-driven and slice-of-life visual novel with heavy character development and hard-hitting special effects.

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Nijowari: Where Angels Fall revolves around an enticing yet dangerous world presented by two different protagonists, each one with its quirks and complex personality.

William Steele

“I was just an ordinary kid when my world blew up.”

William Steele, a young man with a calling and our first main character, discovers that his region is home and that is worth protecting.

Bent on helping his community, he ends up becoming a “fixer”, a counselor, sometimes friend, always driven to help people who deserve it.

Adeia Berith

“It’s not time to overthink… It’s time to enjoy!”

Adeia Berith, our second main character, is a coy, fearful, and innocent newcomer to Nijowari, a strange city with a peculiar society.

Trusting the world she’s about to enter is as gentle as her, she’s forced to find her way, ultimately discovering a dark reality nobody knew existed.


High quality GRAPHICS

* 22 unique CGs (some of them animated) with 670+ variations

* 90+ photo-realistic backgrounds with multiple variations

* 16 fully colored characters

immersive SCENES

* Visual effects such as rain

* A wide variety of realistic sound effects totaling more than 150 sounds

* 80+ original music tracks


* Image gallery, music room, and replay scene menus

* Customizable gameplay

* Full controller support

additional value

* 28 achievements/trophies

* Easter eggs

* Includes traditional, promotional, and concept art


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